Tribot Defender statues

2013-04-07 20:32:43 by RatherRandomReality

Hey, NiGrs.
I'm working on 'Tribot Defender', the epic sequel of 'Tribot Fighter' these days. It will be a tower defense beat 'em up sort of game I suppose.
Just drew these two statues today. You will be able to buy them in the shop and then throw them at the bad guys. Of course, they will explode upon impact, as any other stone statue does.
Peace and see you with another update soon(ish).

Tribot Defender statues


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2013-04-07 23:04:34

Dinosaurs are cool


2013-04-08 14:00:21

That could be great. Right now I'm playing Cursed Treasure 2. I hope your game will be as fun and addicting.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Don't touch my gems while you're at it :) It's ridiculous how addicting this game is.