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Stunning stuff. Brilliantly executed. Great visuals, perfect sounds, suiting choices for music. Well done, Nedelcho and the rest of the team!

NedelchoBogdanov responds:

Thank you

I've very glad my fellow Bulgarians are starting to get deservedly recognized at Newgrounds. Great job with that one, guys. And the song is golden :P

The artwork was what got me.

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Awesome game, keep it up dude!

So this is where the graphics for the Zombotron series originate from. Beautiful game, tovarisht Karlov.

I have to agree with most reviewers. This is a bit harder than what it should be so it's fun to play. And I'm a fan of hard, don't get me wrong. Balancing difficulty is one of the main problems I've had throughout the years, so I understand. Well done, I really like the graphics and gameplay.

My only complaint gamewise - you should be able to use attack while holding onto a wall.

How do I hit boss4 dammit? Can't find hit spots and I'm usually way low on health to experiment anyway.

Once again, well done.

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Very inspiring! The segment after 1:33 is sooo perfect :)

Enjoyed this one very much! Thank you for sharing, Coffee-Break.

Coffee-Break responds:

Thanks! Let me know if you want to use it for the Nanobeast sequel.

Very inspiring. 5/5! Let me know if you don't mind me using it in Nanobeast2.

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I could tell from the cropped image on the front page that it was Jimi's eye looking.

OzynO responds:

then you know the reference picture really well. :) Its my favorite one of him.

Great work. Absolutely no complaints about the characters. I have a couple of minor things to point out about the surroundings, though. Perspective is a bit off, not entirely believable. The books in the shelf are presented as if seen from straight front but the shelf itself is at a significant angle. It seems there is no breathing room for a second shelf back there. Also, the foreground object seems a bit flat to give the illusion that it's close to the viewer, perhaps should have a bit more roundness to it. But overall very good!

TheDamnThinGuy responds:

Thank you so much for the review. I'll try my best to work on my perspective for future works!

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